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City Rydzyna

Rydzyna municipality is located in the southern part of the Wielkopolska Region in the immediate vicinity of Leszno (about 10 km ) , in the district of Leszno . The municipality shaped by three picturesque land : Plain Leszczyńska , Shaft Bojanowski and sharing them Reduction Polish Trench .

Rydzyna is a city - a monument , subject to conservation care due to the observed spatial arrangement of the eighteenth century , and many historic buildings. Rydzyna is called "the pearl of the Polish baroque " and is considered to be the biggest attraction of the Leszno region . The town was founded in the early fifteenth century, John of Czernina , descended from the lineage of Wierzbnów Knight Wladyslaw Jagiello . At the end of the seventeenth century the city and property owners were rydzyńskich greatest aristocratic family of the Republic : Leszczyńscy and Sułkowskis .

The most valuable monuments rydzyńskich is the Castle of the XV / XVII century, former residence of King Stanislaw Leszczynski and Sułkowski . The castle and the adjacent park and adjacent areas are one of the most valuable Polish palace and park .

Rydzyna covers an area of ​​135.56 km2 . Adjacent to the five municipalities of the Wielkopolska Region : Święciechowa , Osieczno , Krzemieniewo , Poniec , Bojanowo and Leszno town and Municipality Mountain (Lower Silesia Province ) . By the municipality is the national highway No. 5 Poznan - Wroclaw . Municipality Rydzyna live 8797 people, including 2777 in Rydzyna people. The settlement system comprises 22 settlement units , of which 16 have the status of villages.
In the city there are numerous monuments including Baroque houses in the market along with the town hall and a unique figure in Poland, the Holy Trinity, Baroque parish church of evangelical . Presents monumental neoclassical style team of former outbuildings of the castle . All historic buildings are works Rydzyny prominent architects and builders , downloaded from various European countries by the baronial mansion Leszczynski and Sulkowski .