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Rydzyński history education is long and rich. As early as the sixteenth century there was a parish school here . It is very important for the history of the city was the decline of the eighteenth century , when in 1774 Prince August Sulkowski , in accordance with the spirit of the recommendations of the Commission of National Education , founded a school run by priests piarist . In one of the buildings of this school, running for 1,820 years , is now headquartered in Rydzyn Primary School . During most of the nineteenth century and the two -plus decades of age
XX Rydzyn work in two elementary schools , the Catholic and Protestant . Interwar period was a period of activity in an excellent school Sulkowski Foundation . Middle School established in 1928 was converted in 1934 for High School and Junior High School . Sulkowski . Along with boarding worked until the outbreak of World War II.

A new chapter in the history of the school began on June 4, 1972, on which date officially given Rydzyn Primary School in the name of 17 Cavalry Regiment . Currently Primary School in Rydzyn is the largest of its kind in the community. Much later education developed in other localities of the village. School in Dąbczu was once a Catholic school where children learned Polish and German . Since October 1923 , students were divided into two branches : Polish and German . In 1925, he combined them in a two-class school in the Polish language .

After World War II the Polish youth returned to school and studied in four classes . 1 September 1991 , the school became independent . Currently, students learn in two buildings . In Kaczkowie primary school was established after the war . In 1960 it was transformed into a full , seven- primary school. In 1996, he completed a full refurbishment of the former granary in Rojęczynie , where they were transferred to class I - III. Since then, the school is housed in two adjacent buildings .
The youngest of the school 's School in Rydzyn , which started its activities exercised September 1st, 1999 . The school attended by children of Rydzyny and all villages of the community .