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Well-developed agriculture is one of the strengths of Rydzny . A large part of the region is arable land and forests . In the economy, agriculture plays a significant role. This is expressed in high udziałemw employment, production and income residents. The structure of land tenure is dominated by private property, and the average farm size is more favorable than in the country. In recent years, the size of individual holdings , mainly arable land .

Wysokotowarowa agricultural production promotes the development of the food processing industry . Most farmers grow crops , triticale , rye , wheat, cereals and sugar beet . The village also grown oilseed rape and maize . Greater than the national average is the area growing vegetables .
The predominant livestock breeding pigs. The yields of cereals , pig and cattle Rydzyna together with the entire region Leszno occupies a leading position in the. Much of the farm is achieved yields similar to those achieved in Western Europe . The village is well equipped with technical infrastructure , and the saturation level of the basic agricultural machinery above the national average . The increasing impact on the economy of the municipality are companies that provide services to agriculture.