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Rydzyny area , formed by three picturesque land : Leszczyńska Plain in the north, shaft Bojanowski the south-east and between them and the Lower Trench Polish . The municipality is also part III Krzywińsko - Osiecki Protected Landscape Area . Oatrakcyjności tourist Rydzyny decide a large number of monuments and mosaics of land , so large areas of forest , grassland complexes in Polish Rift Valley , as well as Polish trench , which develop hiking, biking , riding, educational trips, tourism residence , including tourism, as well as numerous cultural and sports events and festivals recreation and sports . The advantage of the municipality is also a good base hotel and catering .

Rydzyna is a city - a monument . Falls within conservation care because of the preserved eighteenth - century spatial layout and numerous historic buildings . It is called the " pearl of the Polish baroque " and is considered the biggest tourist attraction Leszno region and one of the major tourist attractions of the Wielkopolska region. Rydzyńskich most valuable monuments of the Baroque castle of the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries , the former residence of King Stanislaw Leszczynski and Sułkowski , built by JS
Bellotti and roman settled in Rydzyn Pompeo Ferrari . The castle and the adjacent park and adjacent areas are one of the most valuable teams in Poland palace - park .

The castle located hotel and conference center . It hosts numerous cultural events , collects art and natural science collections . Castle organizes acclaimed New Year's Concert , the international historic rally cars , historic open-air events . The hotel is frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists . In 1994
Castle Rydzyn awarded the prestigious international organization " Europa Nostra " in recognition of excellence magnificent baroque castle restaurant .